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visualnoveldr's Journal

Visual Novel Dressing Room
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Welcome to the Visual Novel Dressing Room! Like the sign says above, if it's a visual novel, it's fair game!


Be nice! This is a community for super fun happy times, so let's keep it that way! Also remember that IC =/= OOC, so just because a character is being a jerk to yours, it doesn't mean the player feels that way about you.

Character journals only! It's okay to make OOC comments to one another but try to keep it to a minimum! If activity picks up enough here, we can/will create an OOC community. ♥

Multiples are allowed! It's a dressing room, which means anyone is free to play anyone, so chances are you won't be the only person playing your character!

AUs are allowed! You can alter the canon to your liking; in fact, it's often done in dressing rooms. It's generally a good idea to mention your character is an AU though, and even better to give some background info about it in their journal!

And that's about it! Just create a character journal if you haven't already and join in! Anything is pretty much open here, but if there are any questions/concerns, you can send a note to any of the mods:

Izzy @ izuro

The community layout codes are from thefulcrum